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We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.2. This service release comes with a brand new kernel 3.16.3 (+bfq I/O Scheduler) which includes many driver updates and improvements in power saving functions. Our improved installer now offers you to install on uefi capable PCs and brings in a new option which allows you to disable sudo for your user during installation.

Several security, bugfixes and updates were merged into this release. The bash "shellshock" vulnerability is fixed, Chromium to version 37, LibreOffice to version 4.3.2, Kdenlive to version 0.9.10 and Wireshark to 1.12.



Snapper, the known openSUSE tool to automatically create and manage btrfs snapshots is now available in our Neptune repository. 

With it it is possible to automatically create btrfs snapshots every hour. Snapper also allows comparing the changes between different snapshots and recover lost or edited files.  

For snapper to automatically create snapshots you first need to add the main btrfs partition to its configuration. 

Todo this open a terminal and in this example we will add the root (/) partition to it: 

sudo snapper create-config /

All configurations can be listed with the following command: 

sudo snapper list-configs

Already created snapshots can be seen by entering the following command: 

sudo snapper list

To get more help about snapper like how to compare files or recover files from snapshots please take a look at the manual of snapper with the command:

man snapper

We are proud to announce the first maintenance release of version 4 Neptune 4.1.

This release fixes some bugs in the installer, bluetooth, plasma & systemd and also provides updated software. 
KDE Applications & Platform 4.14 was packed in with a new kernel 3.14.13. We added the bfq (budget fair) I/O scheduler to improve desktop responsiveness even on heavy disk I/O usage. 

See Changelog for more detailed changes. 

Neptune 4.0 installations can be upgraded to 4.1 with a normal system update. 

Happy downloading ;)

A new kernel was uploaded to the Neptune software repository. 

Kernel 3.14.13 is one of the longterm support kernel and brings a better support for graphiccards and network chips. Besides that for the first time the Neptune Team built in support for the BFQ I/O scheduler which is enabled by default and promises faster response times on desktops and laptops with high disk I/O. 

Everyone that uses proprietary graphicsdrivers and encountered problems with standby on the default neptune kernel 3.13 is encouraged to try out this new kernel. 

Kernel 3.14.13 will not come in as normal update and only is available for testers and users by installing it manually via the softwaremanagement tool apper. 

You can install the kernel in parallel to the default neptune kernel. 

The Neptune Team is proud to present the release of Neptune 4.0 Codename "It's all about you"

This version focuses on user requests and brings a bunch of new groundbreaking changes like new kernel 3.13.11, KDE SC 4.13.2, Systemd 204, Encode 3.0, Recffmpeg 1.8.5, LibreOffice 4.2, Chromium 35, default btrfs, a brand new design and so much more.

Neptune 4.0 - AD Video

We modernized the look and feel of Neptune without loosing the touch of simplicity and easy going with the introduction of our new design.
We aimed to create a distract free desktop experience.

The base of Neptune 4.0 is the Linux kernel 3.13.11 with bunch of new drivers, fixes and support of new hardware. On top of that we offer the latest and greatest KDE Plasma Workspace + the best of its apps.
Systemd is the new default init system for Neptune which brings speed and service improvements.
The new default filesystem offered on installation is btrfs. With its modern support for SSDs, snapshots, raid and so much more it offers the greatest features of a linux filesystem to date. T

We also rewritten and improved our own applications like the media encoding application Encode which now ships in a totally revamped version 3.0.
It offers the feature to convert any known audio & video format (supported by ffmpeg) to any known audio & video format.
Recffmpeg got inspired by vokoscreen (and grabed some code from it) and offers a slick new user interface with a bunch of cool new features for recording screencasts.
ZevenOSHardwaremanager was upgraded to support the new kernel and recognize a bunch of new graphicscards to offer the appropiate driver.
By default the Neptune KDE repo is now enabled so you won't have any trouble upgrading your KDE experience.
This version comes with the usual software upgrades like Chromium 35, LibreOffice 4.2, Apper 0.8, Icedove 24, VLC 2.1

Neptune 4 still offers one of the best KDE centric desktop experience.

Get the brand new version from here: Downloadpage


Welcome to the new Neptune website. 

This site is the portal to all about the linux distribution Neptune. You can find general information, news and discuss with he community here. 

This site is still in construction and some slight mistakes or errors might occur.