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This month Neptune has some interesting new summer updates. Mainly we now enabled the wheezy-backports software source with a higher priority. This leads to a bunch of new updates for libraries and applications. 

To activate this update just update your packages normally via the software management tool apper. This will update the neptune-sourceslist package. After that it should enable all the updates on wheezy-backports for you. 

We also updated KDEnlive and added the video stabilizer tool vid.stab. This allows stabilizing shaky video with a simple mouse click and a few settings. 

Besides that we also offer a new LTS Kernel 3.18.16 for testing. This comes with the usual aufs3 and bfq i/o scheduler patches to enable a quick responsive desktop experience. 

Kernel 3.18.16 is planned to be the default kernel for the upcoming Neptune (4.4) release. 

The Neptune Team wishes everyone happy easter and ships some Update suprise in the easter egg.


Frohe Ostern


We updated the XFS filesystem which includes the support of version 5 of the XFS disk format. Besides upgrading the xfsprogs package we also worked hard upgrading grub2. 

Grub2 now supports better booting on XFS partitions and comes with a better support for EFI. 

The Neptune Installer now asks for the full name of the user during install and also offers the option to skip installing grub by clearing the bootloader inputbox. Besides that the installer now also configures akonadi after install so it is directly useable without any further interaction.

Newly added to the Neptune softwarerepository is the Enlightenment window manager in version 0.19.4 alias e19.
aswell Sopcast Player got an update and for developers we upgraded python-qt4 to version 4.11.2, python-kde4 to Version 4.14.1 and sip4 to version 4.16.4.

Due to a problem with the Neptune 4.3 ISO which lead to unmountable ext4 partitions in live mode we decided to upload a new ISO Version 4.3.1 which fixes this issue. 
This issue also caused not being able to install Neptune on a ext4 partition. 

Previous installations are not affected as this problem only occured on the Neptune 4.3 live media. 

All of you who already downloaded the appr. 1.8 GiB big 4.3 ISO file can find a zsync file on to make upgrading a little bit easier. 

We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.3. 

This is the third service release to Neptune 4 and comes with improvements, bugfixes and updates. This includes Chromium in version 41, VLC in version 2.2, LibreOffice 4.3.3 aswell as Icedove 31.5 and many more. The foundation of this release is represented by the current  Debian 7.8 ('Wheezy') 

A new kernel update for 3.16 is out now. This update can only successfully be performed by using the terminal and the command

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Note: On attempting to install the kernel the script will ask to abort the installation as the kernel is currently running. Choose no there to continue installation. Also choose yes further on if it asks to overwrite stuff. 


The new kernel update brings bugfixes to some boot problems discovered on some systems and some enhancements in handling with squashfs. 

The Neptune team wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015

We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.2. This service release comes with a brand new kernel 3.16.3 (+bfq I/O Scheduler) which includes many driver updates and improvements in power saving functions. Our improved installer now offers you to install on uefi capable PCs and brings in a new option which allows you to disable sudo for your user during installation.

Several security, bugfixes and updates were merged into this release. The bash "shellshock" vulnerability is fixed, Chromium to version 37, LibreOffice to version 4.3.2, Kdenlive to version 0.9.10 and Wireshark to 1.12.



Snapper, the known openSUSE tool to automatically create and manage btrfs snapshots is now available in our Neptune repository. 

With it it is possible to automatically create btrfs snapshots every hour. Snapper also allows comparing the changes between different snapshots and recover lost or edited files.  

For snapper to automatically create snapshots you first need to add the main btrfs partition to its configuration. 

Todo this open a terminal and in this example we will add the root (/) partition to it: 

sudo snapper create-config /

All configurations can be listed with the following command: 

sudo snapper list-configs

Already created snapshots can be seen by entering the following command: 

sudo snapper list

To get more help about snapper like how to compare files or recover files from snapshots please take a look at the manual of snapper with the command:

man snapper

We are proud to announce the first maintenance release of version 4 Neptune 4.1.

This release fixes some bugs in the installer, bluetooth, plasma & systemd and also provides updated software. 
KDE Applications & Platform 4.14 was packed in with a new kernel 3.14.13. We added the bfq (budget fair) I/O scheduler to improve desktop responsiveness even on heavy disk I/O usage. 

See Changelog for more detailed changes. 

Neptune 4.0 installations can be upgraded to 4.1 with a normal system update. 

Happy downloading ;)