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We now offer an updated Plasma 5 ISO which includes the greatest and latest of our Testing version of Neptune.

This includes most stuff from Plasma 5.7 (without Workspace and Desktop still) aswell as new KF5 5.23 and Updates to KDE Applications 16.04.

It also includes the new LTS kernel 4.4.14, Chromium 51 and a bunch of security fixes and updates till 8th of July 2016. 

You can get the updated ISO from our Download Page. 


Neptune 4.5.1 ISOs are available for download now and update the system since the Neptune 4.5 release to the state of 3. May 2016. 

The biggest issue fixed in this release is the usb booting from USB 3 ports. Besides that this new maintainance release features KDE SC 4.14.16 as desktop. 

The Plasma 5 version was updated to Plasma 5.6.2 with KDE Frameworks 5.21.

The Neptune team wishes everyone Happy Easter.


As a little present we present you a big desktop update. KDE SC 4.14s KDE-Workspace was upgraded to version 4.11.14. Besides that we also upgraded Chromium to version 49.

Plasma 5 Users can enjoy the brand new version 5.6. 


We are proud to announce Neptune 4.5 the 5th service release to the Neptune 4.x series.
This version comes with some core updates to the system including LTS Kernel 3.18.25, Systemd 227,
libc6 2.19, Mesa 10.5.9, Alsa 1.0.27 and more. For the first time we also offer a testing version
of our Plasma 5 version based on Plasma 5.5.3 as seperate ISO download.
The usual software Updates like Chromium updated to version 46 and Icedove to 38.5 are also included.
We replaced TrueCrypt with VeraCrypt which is compatible with TrueCrypt Containers.

The Neptune Team wishes everyone a happy new year with a new big Update for Neptune. 

CC-BY-NC Don Harder

CC BY-NC Don Harder

This Update brings in the postponed Systemd 227 Update aswell as a new Kernel which fixes the vulnerability in the key store handling of the kernel unveiled a few days ago. 
This also includes some smaller Updates like PolicyKit 0.105 and Plymouth 0.9. 


The Neptune Team whishes all users a merry christmas. 

As a present we offer you today a great new desktop that you might want to try out. 
Plasma 5.5 for Neptune 4.4 is available for testing. We prepared four new software repositories for it.  


There are some fresh new updates for the starting autumn season in Neptune 4.4. 
Most of them are simple bugfixes or some service releases. 

We fixed and upgraded quickusbformatter and disk-manager which should run again flawlessly. 
An error preventing backintime-kde  to start is now fixed and you will find a new version in the repo. 

A newcomer or old friend of our repo is the e16 window manager which makes its comeback together with epplets and themes

Phonon, the KDE multimedia framework was upgraded together with its backends vlc and gstreamer.

A whole bunch of smaller packages like bash-completion, dpkg, ifupdown, debhelper, dh-exec, gettext, apparmor and much more. were upgraded to the lastest versions aswell which provide mostly bugfixes and some new features. 

Besides these updates we also internally evaluated and tested an upgrade of Systemd. In the end we came to the conclusion to not perform this upgrade for Neptune 4.x as it can bring to many problems to our users. If you want to know more feel free to subscribe and take a look at our Mailinglist.

We are proud to announce hot summer update. 

As many requested and true to the motto "It's all about you" we listened to our users and included a libc6 update in our repos. Even if it breaks one major part of "stable" Debian Wheezy Base its a benefit for all users running third party binaries that were built against newer libc6 versions.

Neptune now includes libc6 2.19 

Warning: As this is a big update. Please refer to creating a backup first before upgrading. On a btrfs filesystem you can just create a snapshot with the command btrfs-snapshot b4libc6-Update . This will save the system state and offers you a b4libc6-Update boot option in the case after the update anything breaks. 

Notice: Future package updates to applications might depend on this new libc6 version. So if you don't want to update libc6 it is recommend to deactivate the Neptune Repositories. 

Despite support for third party precompiled binaries this new libc6 Version also brings some speed improvements and security fixes. 

Another big update for people using the radeonsi graphicsdriver. We fixed the error that lead to very slow and highly cpu intense video playback by including glamor xv support in xserver-xorg-core.

Newly added was a package called bluray-support that automatically downloads the necessary depenendencies and installs the makemkv libraries to playback blurays. So if you own a bluray player for your computer you can now playback blurays without hurdles or hassles.


We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.4. 

This version features a new LTS Kernel 3.18.16 which delivers better and more modern hardware support. We also did  the biggest update in the graphicsstack since Neptune 4.0 by upgrading to XServer 1.17 and Mesa 10.5.8. This brings in support for modern graphiccards and better 3D performance. Old chips like voodoo or sis however aren't supported anymore. We updated the Hplip driver to support newer hp printers. 

We improved the user interface by introducing a new modern looking font aswell as bigger scrollbars. 

Kdenlive now can stabilize videos using the  vid.stab extension. Gimp now includes the GMic filters and plugins by default. 
Neptune Installer is now able to handle UTF-8 chars in usernames and supports formatting partitions with btrfs-tools 3.17.

[VIDEO kommt hierher]

Chromium was upgraded to version 43 with deactivated Google Now plugin. The packagemanager dpkg was upgraded to version 1.18 featuring a lot of bugfixes and improvements in overall speed. 
We also added a new application called KDE Volume and Partition Manager which is not only capable of managing partitions but also of handling lvm partitions. 

Live System users will benefit from fixes to the Snapshot Manager which features a bunch of new predefined snapshots to try out. 

Neptune 4.4 can be obtained from our Download Page. You can find a more detailed list on changes on our Changelog Page


After thorough search and investigation it turns out the forum was not 'hacked'. The files that were marked as malware by our server provider weren't infected. 
The malware scanner just simply provided a wrong list of infected files. 

We appoligize for all the fuzz and trouble. The forum is back online.