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A new update for our Plasma 5 user landed in our repo. This includes KDE Frameworks 5.30 with several bugfixes and new features like for example new icons in Breeze. 
Besides that we also updated the KDE Applications Dolphin, Ark and Kdenlive to version 16.12.1 which also include several bugfixes and new features.

Last but not least we again updated Plasma 5.8.5 to include a patch for the annoying right click on desktop icon bug which not only showed the context menu but also performed a left click and executed the marked file.


We are proud to announce the third Neptune 4.5 service release.

This version comes with the newest updates like Chromium 55 & Icedove 45.5 aswell as an upgraded graphicsstack based on Mesa 13.0.2. Besides that this version comes by default with the LTS Kernel 3.18.45. (Newer 4.4 based kernel releases can be found in our repository)

You can find all the changes in our Changelog and the download on our download page.

The Neptune Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


We proudly present the newest KDE Applications Version 16.12 for our Plasma 5 users. 

The biggest changes address new features in ark the archivemanager which now allows more flexible editing of archives aswell as the filemanager Dolphin, Kate, Konsole and KDEnlive. 

For more details take a look at the changelog.


As one of the last big updates this year we are proud to announce new packages for Chromium and KDE Frameworks 5.

Chromium 55 comes with several security fixes and speed improvements. There are several small changes in the user interface to provide a smoother experience. (popups) By default Chromium now disables the flash plugin and only enables it on sites you approve on. Encrypted websites now are indicated with an additional 'Secure' text besides the green lock symbol. The native html5 audio/video player got an update and no shows a download button for media files if allowed. Annoying autoplay audio samples when opening up new websites are now blocked by default.

Besides Chromium we also updated KDE Frameworks to version 5.29 for our Plasma 5 users. This version brings several new features and bugfixes. Baloo the file indexing service for example now indexs faster as ever. There are several improvements for KIO and Plasma Frameworks aswell. If you want to know more take a look at the changelog site from KDE.


Neptune got a new graphicstack based on Mesa 13.0.2. 

This version brings new driver support for 3D animations and OpenGL in Neptune as free drivers for the Intel, Nvidia or AMD cards. 

Our Repositories for Plasma 5, KF 5 and KDE Apps are now up to date with the newest versions of Plasma 5.8.4, KDE Frameworks 5.28 aswell as KDE Applications 16.08.3.

Dolphin got some fixes backported from 16.12 already to fix the annoying scrolling problem in the places panel aswell as some other issues. The archiving application ark got updated and now allows stopping an extraction process reliably. 

For the first time we also ship the software center application Plasma Discover which is based on the Kirigami user interface. 

You can find a detailed changelog on the website.


Today we updated our default package manager apt to its new version 1.0.

This one comes with a new user interface and resolver accessible via the command line apt command.
Toghether with this update we also upgraded Packagekit to version 1.0 and Apper 0.9.1. 

During the update process with apper it will prompt you with an error message. Ignore this and reboot the system to fully be able to use apper again. 

Plasma 5.8.3 is now available for all our users in our Plasma 5 repository. 

This version comes with the usual fixes and improvements especially for quitting the session (e.g. shutdown or reboot) in the power manager Powerdevil and the volume control Plasma-Pa.

If you want to learn more take a look at the detailed changelog

We are proud to announce an updated Plasma 5 ISO which includes the greatest and latest of our testing version of Neptune.

This includes the brand new Plasma 5.8.1 (+kactivitymanagerd patch) aswell as new KF5 5.27 and Updates to KDE Applications 16.08.2.

It also includes the new LTS kernel 4.4.24, Chromium 53 and a bunch of security fixes and updates till 14th of October 2016. 

You can get the updated ISO from our Download Page.