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Plasma 5 ISO Update June

We are proud to announce the June Update for our Plasma 5 ISO. 

This version features minor improvements all over the place. Among others our login manager sddm now uses the default avatar image and with a fix in the systemsettings user manager you are able to set your own avatar image. 

The init system systemd got an update to version 230 which fixes problems with non terminating services and features slightly better startup times. The non-free firmware package got an update to support more wifi and graphicscards. The updated free drivers for Intel and Nvidia feature better support for newer hardware. Mesa the 3D rendering system is now available in its bugfix release 13.0.6

The commandline downloader WGet is available in version 1.16 and together with ca-certificates now capable to connect to most https servers. Flashrom a tool to flash BIOS/ROM/flash chips is available in version 0.9.9 in our repository.

Cups the printing system got an update to version 1.7.5 with better support for printers and Pulseaudio 10 promises better audiosupport especially for bluetooth devices.

IRC chat app Konversation is available in version 1.7.2 or as an alternative you can get Weechat in version 1.2.

To improve audio und vIdeo capabilities we upgraded from LibAV 11.3 to FFMPEG 3.1.5. Amongst others this brings in support for H.265(HEVC) via the x265 encoder. THe MLT Framework prominently used by the video editor Kdenlive got a  fix for asynchron audio and video tracks for certain 4k videofiles. 

Samba security hole CVE-2017-7494 got fixed.

The base for our desktop is now Plasma 5.8.7 which features several improvements. We also brought back one interesting feature that allows you to use drag and drop to drop images on the desktop either as file, picture frame widget or to set this image as wallpaper. 

KDE Applications got an update to version 17.04.1. 

You can get the appr. 2 GiB ISO Image from our Downloadpage.

Hint: This is the last Plasma 5 release based on Neptune 4.5 and the last monthly updated ISO for this summer. Neptune 4.5.x aswell as the Plasma 5 ISOs based upon it are supported until may 2018. They will continue to work after that but will not get any updates or security fixes from us. A first testversion of Neptune 5 is planned for later this year.

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Big Updatewave

For this summer heat we present a cool wave of new updates for all Neptune users. 

Among others Systemd got an update to version 230 with lots of improvements here and there aswell as new features. We also provide the brand new Linux LTS Kernel 4.9.30 in our repos.

The graphical framework Mesa is now available in its newest bugfix release 13.0.6 and includes improvements for all common graphics hardware with updated free software drivers. 

Besides that we provide updated packaged like ifupdown, elfutils & samba (CVE-2017-7494 Patch)

The Enlightenment desktop is now available in the newest 0.21.8 bugfix release.

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Plasma 5.8.7 available

Plasma 5.8.7 is now available as update for Neptune Plasma 5 users. 

This version features many bugfixes but also some new features like improved group window management.

If you want to know more visit the release announcement by kde.

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Plasma 5 ISO Update May

We are proud to announce the may update for our Neptune Plasma 5 ISO. 

This version comes again with numerous detail improvements. We updated the Excalibur applicationmenu and improved it to support scrolling through your favorites and showing more than 3 sysactions. 

KDE Frameworks 5.33 is the base for this new release which includes several fixes and improvements.

KDE Applications 17.04 is the collection of applications we now provide. This includes updates for the filemanager Dolphin, terminalemulator Konsole, archivapplication Ark, texteditor Kate and videoediting Kdenlive. 

Besides that we now also include applications like Okular (PDF-Viewer) and Gwenview (Imageviewer) from KDE Applications 17.04. 

The default login manager got changed from KDM to the newest version of SDDM including a Neptune like theming. The mailclient Icedove got replaced by Thunderbird 45.8.

Libc6 got an update to improve compatibility with newer software like VLC, mpv, X11, Mesa, E21 and more.

You can find Neptune Plasma 5 ISO May on our Downloadpage

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KDE Applications 17.04

The brand new version of KDE Applications with plenty new features and bugfixes. 

Biggest change of this release in all packages is the inclusion of translations for the specific applications. This makes the old kde-l10n packages obsolete just like kde-l10n-de for the german localization. 

Dolphin features smooth scrolling in this new release. The freespace indicator now clearly shows on mouse hover that it hides some goodies that you want to try out by clicking it. 

Ark got plenty of improvements in the details just like better support password encrypted RAR archives, better p7zip support including apk files, aswell as better support for sorting. This new version also includes a new feature which allows you to search for files inside the archive. 

Kate the texteditor brings better search functionality and allows now searching in different tabs. This version also marks the end of running the texteditor as root user and encourages using alternatives just like sudoedit if you want to use kate to edit files which are only accessible as root. 

Kdenlive again features plenty of fixes and new features which help to improve the overall workflow when editing video files under linux. If you want to  know more about the changes in details and KDE Applications 17.04 in general visit the official Changelog site by KDE.

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Neptune 4.5.4 Release

We are happy to announce the 4th Maintenancerelease of Neptune 4.5. This comes with a updated LTS Kernel 3.18.48 with dozens of security fixes and support for new hardware. 


For best multimedia consumption we now updated to VLC 2.2.4 which gains better supports for newer Codecs like VP9 or FLAC. The Phonon base for playing sounds in KDE Plasma got an update to version 4.9.0 for better reliability together with the updated VLC Backend which builds upon the improvements of VLC 2.2.4.

Our Internetsuite got improved with Chromium 57 and Icedove 45.6 to provide the best in terms of surfing the web or writing emails. Chromium 57 brings better support for HTML5 video and Icedove 45.6 fixes several bugs when it comes to editing emails. 

Mesa Version 13.0.4 fixes several bugs and improves graphics hardware support. 
The Radeon(ATI/AMD) driver got an update to Version 7.8.0 with better support for several amd graphicscards and some bugfixes. 

Fresh and new is the improvement for the flash filesystem f2fs. We now allow mounting those partitions directly on the desktop with udisks. Besides that we also updated the f2fs-tools to version 1.7.0 including several improvements for creating and checking the filesystem. 

We also improved the Btrfs filesystem with btrfs-progs 4.9.1 and plenty of improvements for filesystemchecks and better handling of low memory situations. 

Neptune 4.5.4 now uses our new secure software repository by default. Additionally we include several security fixes in packages like eject. 

LibreOffice got an update to version 4.3.3, libmtp 1.1.12 now supports mounting of the Jolla C smartphone and Encode got a fix for FullHD resolution. 

VirtualBox 5.1.4 Guest Additions are available by default now on our ISO improving the support for newer VirtualBox versions. Besides that it also allows using the newer LTS Kernel 4.9.18 which is included in our repository without any problems. 

Neptune 4.5.4 is available as 2 GiB ISO on our Downloadpage

Users of Neptune 4.5 can upgrade with a normal update from within the update manager. 


Neptune Plasma 5 April Update

We also updated our Plasma 5 ISO with new Updates and several improvements.


KDE Frameworks version 5.32 includes improvements in KArchive, KIO, KPackage and more. KDE Applications 16.12.3 is available and we also improved Dolphin with smooth scrolling aswell as better support for service menus. Ark, Kate and Kdenlive were updated with several fixes and improvements.
Yakuake the slide down terminal got an update to version 3.0.4 with appearance improvements.


Within the scope of our improvement campaign we also improved our Plasma 5 Desktop. By default this now includes a new default application menu called Excalibur which strives to take the best from the old Lancelot menu. This includes a two column view with favorites and application categories. You can set and move favorites freely around. Also available is the option to move and set logout, reboot and shutdown buttons freely. 

The new Plasma 5 April ISO of Neptune includes the LTS Kernel 4.9.18 with security fixes and better support for newer hardware. 

Just like on Neptune 4.5.4 we are also now using our new secure softwarepository. 

You can get the new Plasma 5 ISO from our downloadpage

Existing Plasma 5 Neptune User can update with a normal update in the update manager. The new Excalibur menu needs manual adding however to the panel. You can use the right click context menus alternative entry to switch from Kickoff to Excalibur.

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New secure software repository

Neptune is willing to improve its security constantly like we showed in the past by using HTTPS on our website with Letsencrypt certificates. 

This time around we also changed our default repository server to use HTTPS. With the update to version 4.5.4 of the neptune-sourceslist package we changed the default repository to point to the server. This also means that you need to have the package apt-transport-https installed to make it work. The update should automatically pull and install this package aswell.

The old proindi repository is available for approximately 1 month to ease the change and allow all users to upgrade to the new repository.


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Neptune Distro of the week on Linux Action Show

Neptune is featured as Distribution of the week in the last weeks Linux Action Show. 
Its just a short talk about the latest Plasma 5 march ISO nevertheless they talk about the advantages of the lowmemory mode. 

You can find the Linux Action Show featuring Neptune here:

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KDE Frameworks 5.32

KDE Frameworks 5.32 is now available for all our Plasma 5 users.

This version comes with the usual fixes in packages like KArchive, KIO, KPackage and more.

Besides that there was some restructuring in the packages KDoctools, Kfilemetadata and others. 

Get the full changelog from


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KDE Applications 16.12.3

We now offer for all our Plasma 5 users of Neptune the updated KDE Applications version 16.12.3. 

This is another bugfix maintenance release fixing bugs mainly in the archiver application Ark, Kate aswell as Kdenlive. 

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