Upgrade Neptune 6.x to 7

For Upgrading Neptune you need a  stable internet connection, appr. 2.4 GB free disk space on  / aswell as 25-30 minutes time.

It is recommended to plug your laptop into power.

The Neptune Team is providing an upgrade script that you can download from here. Download this script to the older Neptune machine you want to upgrade.

Please navigate in your file manager to the download location of the script. Open up the file properties by right clicking and choosing "Properties" in the context menu.

Eigenschaften aufrufenIn the properties window navigate to the Permissions tab and set the Is Executable checkbox.


Apply afterwards by clicking OK and with a right click on a free spot in the file manager open the context menu and choose Actions -> Open Terminal here.

Terminal Hier öffnen aus dem Kontextmenü auswählen

In the new window that opens up enter the command sudo ./upgrade-neptune7.sh to start the upgrade process. (Enter your user password if prompted for it. Notice that the  password entrance is hidden by default so no characters [*] will appear. The password will be accepted anyhow)

Terminal Befehl ausführen

Follow the instructions on the screen.  The upgrade process will be performed in multiple steps and takes approximately 25-30 minutes depending on server and internet speeds. During the upgrades last steps it will ask for the bootloaders main drive. Here you should choose the same drive you choose during installation. Usually this is the first entry that it shows. For navigation please use the Tab key (|<-  ->| usually using those symbols on common keyboards and directly left next to the Q key) and the spacebar for performing an action.

After successful upgrade a reboot it necessary. As the desktop interface won't be able to handle that immediately after upgrade use the command sudo reboot in the still open terminal window to do this.


Optional Adjustment of Look & Feel

If you want to update the design of Neptune to the latest version you can do this fairly quickly using systemsettings.

For this open systemsettings first.

Systemeinstellungen aufrufen

then choose Global Theme. Make sure the Neptune Design is choosen and the checkbox "Use desktop layout for theme" is checked. This ensures to also update the panel (taskbar) to the newest version. If you don't want to loose your current Panel settings please uncheck this box.

A click on apply will load the new theme.


Misbehavior or Problems

If you encounter problems during the upgrade process you can ask for help in our forum. Make sure to have the log file /var/log/neptune-upgrade.txt  handy.