Snapshot Manager

To save a snapshot of all changes you have done on your live system can be quite convenient. For one because you might have done a nice configuration to your desktop that you don't want to loose on the other hand you might want to share your special configuration with friends and family. 

Neptune offers you to create those live snapshots with its own Snapshot Manager. 

Here you can not only create snapshots but also, download offered ones, manually install a snapshot or delete it.
Neptune already ships with a little collection of snapshots that you can download. You can share snapshots on the Neptune Forum with the Community.


In contrast to persistency a snapshot is only written once and is only read from that on which is way more faster than having a read/write persistency file. 


Notice: Snapshot Managers only works with Live USB Stick created with Untebootin or a similiar tool erstellt which leaves a writeable filesystem on the USB stick.