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Snapper utility now in repository


Automatic snapshot creation for Btrfs

Snapper, the known openSUSE tool to automatically create and manage btrfs snapshots is now available in our Neptune repository. 

With it it is possible to automatically create btrfs snapshots every hour. Snapper also allows comparing the changes between different snapshots and recover lost or edited files.  

For snapper to automatically create snapshots you first need to add the main btrfs partition to its configuration. 

Todo this open a terminal and in this example we will add the root (/) partition to it: 

sudo snapper create-config /

All configurations can be listed with the following command: 

sudo snapper list-configs

Already created snapshots can be seen by entering the following command: 

sudo snapper list

To get more help about snapper like how to compare files or recover files from snapshots please take a look at the manual of snapper with the command:

man snapper

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