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Plasma 5 ISO Update March


We are proud to announce a fresh new Update for our Plasma 5 version of Neptune 4.5. 

This version brings the latest and greatest of the Plasma 5 world to you. This includes Plasma 5.8.5 together with the desktop fix for contextmenu aswell as Dolphin 16.12.2, Kdenlive 16.12.2, Chromium 56, Icedove 45.6. 

Besides that it ships the newest KDE Frameworks 5.31.

This all sits on the base of the latest LTS Kernel 4.9.12.

With this version we are starting a transition phase from Neptune 4.5.x to Neptune 5. With the slogan every details matter we try to improve any little feature month after month. 

Lowmemory Modus

This month marks the comeback of the Lowmemory mode. This one offers a lowmemory desktop based on Enlightenment DR16. Besides that we worked on improving the default live boot menu ISOLinux which includes many bugfixes in the builtin help. You are now able to start memtest again after entering memtest or if you accidentally bootet with attached live boot stick you can enter disk1 to start your system from primary harddrive/ssd. 

ISOLinux Bootmenü

The failsafe mode now includes the bootoption nomodeset which prevents loading of the kernel video driver.

You can find the ISO on our downloadpage

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