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New Kernel with BFQ I/O scheduler


A new kernel was uploaded to the Neptune software repository. 

Kernel 3.14.13 is one of the longterm support kernel and brings a better support for graphiccards and network chips. Besides that for the first time the Neptune Team built in support for the BFQ I/O scheduler which is enabled by default and promises faster response times on desktops and laptops with high disk I/O. 

Everyone that uses proprietary graphicsdrivers and encountered problems with standby on the default neptune kernel 3.13 is encouraged to try out this new kernel. 

Kernel 3.14.13 will not come in as normal update and only is available for testers and users by installing it manually via the softwaremanagement tool apper. 

You can install the kernel in parallel to the default neptune kernel. 

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