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Neptune 6.5 Release


First maintenance release of Neptune 6 with improved hardware support

Neptune 6.5 is out now. Its codename is 'Jet' which is the name of the mechanic and pilot of the Bebop in the anime Cowboy Bebop.

Neptune 6.5 Desktop

It is the first maintenance release of Neptune 6 which is also available as update for all Neptune 6 users.
This version features more modern hardware support by providing Linux kernel 5.6 together with updates to proprietary firmware blobs aswell as updated systemd 245.6.

Neptune is now bootable on UEFI secureboot machines.
With the newly activated buster-backports repositories you can enjoy newer software updates for LibreOffice in version 6.4.5 and Inkscape in version 1.0.
Updated are also the browser Chromium to version 83 and Thunderbird to version 68.10.
When it comes to multimedia VLC got an update to version 3.0.11, ffmpeg to version 4.1.4 and pulseaudio to version 13.

This version comes with some tweaks to KWin the window manager of Plasma which removes the limit of 60 frames per second and should provide a smoother experience.

New Neptune Look and Feel

We also updated the Neptune Look and Feel which you can optionally activate and it allows you to see a new currently developed and aimed to be new default style of Neptune 7.

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The new version is available as download on our download page.
Existing users can upgrade to Neptune 6.5 by simply upgrading their system and optionally activating the Debian Buster Backports repository to get newer kernel and software upgrades.

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