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Neptune 5 Beta 2


We are proud to announce the second public Beta version of Neptune 5.0. This version (internally called 4.9) is based upon Debian 9.0 "Stretch".

To support modern hardware this release upgrades the  Kernel to 4.13 coming from the Debian Backports repositories. 

The Desktop coming from Netrunner and DCI (Debian Continuous Integration) is Plasma 5.10. This desktop benefits from all the work and improvements in configuration we did in our Plasma 5 testing ISOs before. This includes the default application menu excalibur. 

Design is inspired by Neptune 4.5 and features the classic look and feel of Neptune. Besides that we also feature a more modern theme that we tested in our Plasma 5 ISOs and is based upon the Breeze Theme. You can switch between the different Themes in the Look and Feel settings. 


We changed our default software repository configuration to provide the most stable experience for our users by providing and activating only the Debian Stable (stretch) and Backports (stretch-backports) repositories aswell as our own Neptune repository.

Optionally advanced users can activate the Neptune- and Netrunner-Backports repositories together with the Debian Testing repository to upgrade to newer Plasma 5, KF5 and KDE Applications packages. We will not provide an easy to user graphical user interface to allow this as this is intended for advanced users only and they usually know how to activate those sources and the risks it might bring.


You can grab the approx. 2 GiB big ISO Image from our Downloadsite.

Notice: This is a beta version intent for identifying and fixing bugs and not meant for production use. 

Known Bugs:

  • None


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