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We are proud to announce version 5.2 of Neptune . 

This update represents the current state of Neptune 5 and renews the ISO file so if you install Neptune you don't have to download tons of Updates. 

In this update we renewed the graphicsstack based upon Mesa 17.3.9 + LibDRM 2.4.91 together with Linux Kernel 4.16 to provide better support for modern hardware.

Other main changes in this version are the update of Plasma to version 5.12.5 and KDE Frameworks to version 5.45  and KDE Applications to version 18.04. Besides that we also updated QtCurve Widget Design which fixes a freezing bug for contextmenus in open/save dialogs aswell as setting the glow effect as new default setting for default button representation. Plasma Discover got some minor fixes and slightly improved UI elements.

Kdenlive works now together with Melt 6.6 to provide more speed and lots of bugfixes when editing video.. 

Chromium 66 delivers even better browsing experience and the new default BFQ I/O scheduler helps to keep the desktop and applications responsive even in heavy input/output situations. The new BFQ I/O Scheduler won't be used by default for existing Neptune users which just upgrade their packages. They need to install the neptune-settings-bfq in order to set bfq as default.


You can find more information on our changelog site.

All existing Neptune 5 users only have to perform a normal update via the packagemanager or Discover. 


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