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Neptune 4.5.2 ISO available


We are proud to announce version 4.5.2 of Neptune. 

This is another upgrade to our install media from the  Neptune 4.5 series. Besides the usual updates (Effective: 01.09.2016) there are some new features. One would be Pulseaudio that we decided to include by default to make sure to support as many soundcardconfigurations out of the box as possible. For the best known configuration we also ship a new default-settings-pulseaudio package. 

Besides that we ship a new LTS Kernel version 3.18.40 with plenty of bugfixes new drivers and other improvements. 

We upgraded the free graphic drivers for Intel, ATI/AMD Radeon und Nvidia (nouveau) to support more modern hardware. As a part of this we also upgraded several firmware packages to improve support of modern hardware.

Furhter on we updated our webbrowser Chromium (Version 52) and E-Mail client Icedove (Version 45). The KDE desktop library KDELibs got an update to version 4.14.22 and comes with plenty of little fixes. The scan application Skanlite got an update to version 1.0 and now offers better and faster scanning support for the latest hardware. Those who like the game Hedgewars will like our fixed version 0.9.22

Pretty new is our new default grub theme with Neptune styling. 

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