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Neptune 4.4 Release


New LTS Kernel + New GraphicsstackDe

We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.4. 

This version features a new LTS Kernel 3.18.16 which delivers better and more modern hardware support. We also did  the biggest update in the graphicsstack since Neptune 4.0 by upgrading to XServer 1.17 and Mesa 10.5.8. This brings in support for modern graphiccards and better 3D performance. Old chips like voodoo or sis however aren't supported anymore. We updated the Hplip driver to support newer hp printers. 

We improved the user interface by introducing a new modern looking font aswell as bigger scrollbars. 

Kdenlive now can stabilize videos using the  vid.stab extension. Gimp now includes the GMic filters and plugins by default. 
Neptune Installer is now able to handle UTF-8 chars in usernames and supports formatting partitions with btrfs-tools 3.17.


Chromium was upgraded to version 43 with deactivated Google Now plugin. The packagemanager dpkg was upgraded to version 1.18 featuring a lot of bugfixes and improvements in overall speed. 
We also added a new application called KDE Volume and Partition Manager which is not only capable of managing partitions but also of handling lvm partitions. 

Live System users will benefit from fixes to the Snapshot Manager which features a bunch of new predefined snapshots to try out. 

Neptune 4.4 can be obtained from our Download Page. You can find a more detailed list on changes on our Changelog Page

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