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Hot Summer Update


New libc6, Fixed radeonsi xvideo, bluray-support

We are proud to announce hot summer update. 

As many requested and true to the motto "It's all about you" we listened to our users and included a libc6 update in our repos. Even if it breaks one major part of "stable" Debian Wheezy Base its a benefit for all users running third party binaries that were built against newer libc6 versions.

Neptune now includes libc6 2.19 

Warning: As this is a big update. Please refer to creating a backup first before upgrading. On a btrfs filesystem you can just create a snapshot with the command btrfs-snapshot b4libc6-Update . This will save the system state and offers you a b4libc6-Update boot option in the case after the update anything breaks. 

Notice: Future package updates to applications might depend on this new libc6 version. So if you don't want to update libc6 it is recommend to deactivate the Neptune Repositories. 

Despite support for third party precompiled binaries this new libc6 Version also brings some speed improvements and security fixes. 

Another big update for people using the radeonsi graphicsdriver. We fixed the error that lead to very slow and highly cpu intense video playback by including glamor xv support in xserver-xorg-core.

Newly added was a package called bluray-support that automatically downloads the necessary depenendencies and installs the makemkv libraries to playback blurays. So if you own a bluray player for your computer you can now playback blurays without hurdles or hassles.


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