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Happy Easter


Update surprise in the easter egg

The Neptune Team wishes everyone happy easter and ships some Update suprise in the easter egg.


Frohe Ostern


We updated the XFS filesystem which includes the support of version 5 of the XFS disk format. Besides upgrading the xfsprogs package we also worked hard upgrading grub2. 

Grub2 now supports better booting on XFS partitions and comes with a better support for EFI. 

The Neptune Installer now asks for the full name of the user during install and also offers the option to skip installing grub by clearing the bootloader inputbox. Besides that the installer now also configures akonadi after install so it is directly useable without any further interaction.

Newly added to the Neptune softwarerepository is the Enlightenment window manager in version 0.19.4 alias e19.
aswell Sopcast Player got an update and for developers we upgraded python-qt4 to version 4.11.2, python-kde4 to Version 4.14.1 and sip4 to version 4.16.4.

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