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Chromium 55 + KF 5.29


As one of the last big updates this year we are proud to announce new packages for Chromium and KDE Frameworks 5.

Chromium 55 comes with several security fixes and speed improvements. There are several small changes in the user interface to provide a smoother experience. (popups) By default Chromium now disables the flash plugin and only enables it on sites you approve on. Encrypted websites now are indicated with an additional 'Secure' text besides the green lock symbol. The native html5 audio/video player got an update and no shows a download button for media files if allowed. Annoying autoplay audio samples when opening up new websites are now blocked by default.

Besides Chromium we also updated KDE Frameworks to version 5.29 for our Plasma 5 users. This version brings several new features and bugfixes. Baloo the file indexing service for example now indexs faster as ever. There are several improvements for KIO and Plasma Frameworks aswell. If you want to know more take a look at the changelog site from KDE.


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