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Brace yourself summerupdates are here


Wheezy-Backports enabled by default with high priority

This month Neptune has some interesting new summer updates. Mainly we now enabled the wheezy-backports software source with a higher priority. This leads to a bunch of new updates for libraries and applications. 

To activate this update just update your packages normally via the software management tool apper. This will update the neptune-sourceslist package. After that it should enable all the updates on wheezy-backports for you. 

We also updated KDEnlive and added the video stabilizer tool vid.stab. This allows stabilizing shaky video with a simple mouse click and a few settings. 

Besides that we also offer a new LTS Kernel 3.18.16 for testing. This comes with the usual aufs3 and bfq i/o scheduler patches to enable a quick responsive desktop experience. 

Kernel 3.18.16 is planned to be the default kernel for the upcoming Neptune (4.4) release. 

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