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Autumn Updates


There are some fresh new updates for the starting autumn season in Neptune 4.4. 
Most of them are simple bugfixes or some service releases. 

We fixed and upgraded quickusbformatter and disk-manager which should run again flawlessly. 
An error preventing backintime-kde  to start is now fixed and you will find a new version in the repo. 

A newcomer or old friend of our repo is the e16 window manager which makes its comeback together with epplets and themes

Phonon, the KDE multimedia framework was upgraded together with its backends vlc and gstreamer.

A whole bunch of smaller packages like bash-completion, dpkg, ifupdown, debhelper, dh-exec, gettext, apparmor and much more. were upgraded to the lastest versions aswell which provide mostly bugfixes and some new features. 

Besides these updates we also internally evaluated and tested an upgrade of Systemd. In the end we came to the conclusion to not perform this upgrade for Neptune 4.x as it can bring to many problems to our users. If you want to know more feel free to subscribe and take a look at our Mailinglist.

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