Experience the full featured Plasma desktop with lots of animations, themes and useful applications.


Neptune includes Chromium – the fastest and best webexperience including latest security fixes and full HTML5 support. 


Amarok for music management – Listen to local and online music. Import or Export music to your mobile audio-player. Subscribe to your favorite Podcast. Out of the box mp3 support.


Manage your photos with Gwenview – Import or Export photos to your webalbum. Sort and present your photos to your friends. Crop and edit them very easily.


Watch all your favorite videos with VLC. Create and edit videos with various effects in many formats(including h264 & webm) with KDEnlive.


Play fascinating games like Hedegwars or browse through tons of available free and open source games.
Enjoy commercial games via Steam available from the repositories.


Encrypt your personal files and folder with ZuluyCrypt or Plasma Vault. Create backups with Backintime.

Full disk encrypted installations are also possible.

Neptune Specialities